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Our Green Vision

Welcome to our Festival and to our Greener Festival Initiative. By becoming a Member of Greener Festivals, the Rose of Tralee International Festival has begun to adopt policies, practices and behaviour that will help lessen its impact on the environment and communicate a positive green message to our visitors.

The Festival has made this Greener Festival commitment as part of a wider strategy for all businesses and stakeholders in Tralee who are interested in making the town a green tourism destination, and also because it has an interest in taking responsibility for its impact on the environment as part of a commitment to a global greener future.

This year we are delighted that Higgins Waste & Recycling is on board as a sponsor, helping us to recycle more of our waste and send less of it to landfill.

Generators disappearedfrom the town streets this festival. All street markets, stages, sound, lighting and power in general were 100% generator and diesel free, therefore close to €2,000 worth of diesel was not burnt this year. All have been converted to direct power following a capital investment by the festival, demonstrating a further commitment to reduce its carbon footprint.

In addition, Sean Murphy Electrical, who supplies all the decorative Festival street lighting, has converted to more energy efficient LED lamps which will result in a 98% reduction in power consumption, and as the life of LED lamps is much longer than regular bulbs, 75% fewer of them will need to be replaced each year.  

In 2014 we fulfilled the following pledges:

  • Print our promotional material (i.e. tickets and brochures) on recycled paper
  • Hold events and meetings at hotels who are Green Certified
  • Manage our waste disposable more efficiently so that we recycle more waste and send less to landfill
  • Measure water consumption during the Festival at the Dome site and reduce our 2013 consumption levels
  • Measure our electricity consumption and reduce our 2013 consumption levels
  • Measure noise levels for events in the Festival Dome and ensure our potential noise level is kept to permittable levels
  • Use recycled materials in the construction of Rose Parade Floats
  • Recycle paper waste and purchase recycled paper supplies
  • Reuse and recycle Festival signage
  • Ensure that market traders to dispose of their recyclable waste responsibly
  • Encourage visitors to the Festival to limit their impact on the environment and suggest ways they can achieve this
  • Work with Tralee Chamber Alliance on being part of a wider Greener Tralee Initiative
  • Help promote Tralee as a Fairtrade Town
  • Help promote Kerry's natural landscape and rich biodiversity

In 2013 we fulfilled all our Green Festival commitments.

Below are some more of our Green Pages with information on how you can hopefully join us on our green journey.

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