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Help us Turn the Festival Green!

There is no doubt that the Rose of Tralee International Festival has an impact on the environment. Considerable amounts of water and energy are consumed over the week, and significant amounts of litter and waste are generated. Also, the way in which people get to and from the Festival can adversely affect the environment.

You can also do your bit to help us become a Greener Festival by following these simple steps:


Getting here

When travelling to the Festival choose an alternative to the car if possible, such as the bus or the train. Details of bus and train services to Tralee can be found here.


Eat local

There are plenty of restaurants, cafes, corner shops, supermarkets, pubs and market stalls in Tralee selling food and drink, so you don't need to bring large amounts of food or snacks with you. Visiting local cafés, bars and restaurants is also a good way to sample some of our delicious local produce.


Leave No Trace

Think about how you dispose of waste and please never litter. Rubbish bins are available throughout the town and on the Festival Dome site where we are employing a recycling waste management plan for all paper materials, bottles and food waste. Work with us to 'Leave No Trace'. Remember, it's not what you throw away - it's what you save!



Consider your impact on the natural environment whilst you are in Tralee, particularly around our nature reserves along the canal from Tralee to Blennerville, and at our new outdoor nature facility at the Tralee Bay Wetlands. To preserve biodiversity at these sites, please take care not to take any of the natural surroundings home with you and never litter.


Good nature

Remember to respect local townspeople by keeping the noise down, particularly late at night, use the public toilet facilities provided in the town centre and at the Festival Dome site, and avoid trespassing.

Finally, always remember to be courteous to each other, patient if there are queues for facilities and services, keep your mobile phones on silent when attending an indoor event, and respect your fellow visitors' space and enjoyment of the festival.

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