Rose of Tralee Regional Festival

Meet the 2015 Regional Roses

Regional Roses group

2015 Regional Festival Roses at the Portlaoise Heritage Hotel with Rose of Tralee Maria Walsh

The Regional Festival took place from 28th to 31st May 2015 at the Portlaoise Heritage Hotel. 

The Rose of Tralee Regional Festival is held every year before the Rose of Tralee International Festival to determine which Roses will represent their territories at the International Festival in August.

The event was originally established in 2004 in recognition of the fact that now every county in Ireland selects a Rose, and that there are now nearly 60 Rose Centres around the world. The Regional Festival is therefore the event that has been established to get this number of Roses down to the 32 Roses that appear on the RTÉ television show in August.

All Roses who take part have won Rose Selection heats in their own regions. Judges at the Regional Festival will choose a number of Roses from each region who will then join Roses from Cork, Dublin and Kerry at the International Festival in August.

Roses from around the world join those from Ireland to take part in a parade through the centre of town and visit top Laois attractions.

The Rose of Tralee Regional Festival is hosted by Dáithí Ó Sé who interviews each Rose on stage at the Portlaoise Heritage Hotel over three nights, followed by music and dancing until late after the show is over. 

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