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‘It’s a lifechanging opportunity’ – The search is on for this years Roses and Rose Escorts!

From New York to Arizona, Kerry to Castlebar – Roses and Rose Escorts gathered at the Jeanie Johnston in Dublin’s IFSC to launch the search for the 2024 International Rose of Tralee and Rose Escort of the Year. Applications are now open at

With Rose Selections taking place across 32 centres nationally and worldwide, Rose of Tralee Róisín Wiley, Rose Escort of the Year Tommy Cunningham officially launched the search for the 2024 International Rose of Tralee.

Ireland’s flagship family festival, the Rose of Tralee International Festival continues to grow in popularity with more than 100,000 enjoying all that was on offer across the five-day event, and more than 15 million views of last year’s festival on Rose of Tralee social media. Now, as we prepare to do it all again in 2024, the search is on at home and abroad to find this year’s Roses and Rose Escorts. 

International Rose of Tralee Róisín Wiley encouraged anyone interested in taking part to join her this year: 

“What a surreal and exciting moment to be here launching the 2024 International Rose of Tralee Festival with some of my fellow Roses and Rose Escorts. Although it may sound cliché, applying to be the New York Rose (twice!) has been the best decision I’ve ever made. Participating in the festival has beyond exceeded my expectations in terms of the friendships you make, fun you have, and opportunities that come your way,” she said.

“As a first generation Irish American, I have never felt more proud and empowered to represent my family and Ireland on an International scale. I am confident that I can speak on behalf of the Roses and Rose Escorts, that we all feel the same and would encourage anyone to give this a shot. Although August is just a few months away, I know this is just the start of my Rose journey, and I cannot wait to welcome the class of 2024 to the Rose family.”

We are delighted to announce that Benetti Menswear is returning for a third year as the official Rose Escort sponsor. Kildare man Tommy Cunningham, the 2023 Benetti Menswear Rose Escort of the Year, was on hand with Róisín Wiley to launch this year’s search for Roses and Benetti Menswear Rose Escorts and promised all those thinking of entering “a lifechanging opportunity, one that you won’t regret”. 

“For me, The Rose of Tralee came at a time where it felt like everyone I ever knew had decided to move abroad. Being in my twenties, I faced the dilemma of packing up like all of my friends, saying goodbye to my family and looking at life abroad indefinitely, or to stay at home in Ireland and watch online as it seemed like everyone I knew was living it up in the sun down under,” Tommy Cunningham said.

He added: “The Rose of Tralee gave me a year that I will never forget. Looking back on the past year, it has been those people in Australia who have watched as I had the most incredible year. I met the most diverse group of friends, experienced the highs of lavish meals in the Meadowlands hotel, and the lows of working with children and families in orphanages across Poland, and not to mention the legendary Rose Escort Bootcamp I am still recovering from!”

“The past year has been an enriching, life-enhancing experience which has shaped the man I am today. I am reminded of all that I have gained from the Rose of Tralee this year in the proud pat on the back from my father when I leave the house for a Rose Escort duty, the kiss on the cheek my Granny gives me every time we meet and I greet her as though she is my Rose, and the support of my community as they welcomed the 2023 Roses and Rose Escorts back to Kildare for my homecoming. I will hold on to the memories from the Rose of Tralee for the rest of my life.”

“If you are reading this and contemplating whether to become a Rose Escort for 2024, it is my personal promise that it is a decision you will never regret.”

Over the coming months, Rose of Tralee Regional Selections will take place in towns and cities across Ireland, and all over the world. Every Rose that is selected to represent her county, city or country will enjoy a nationwide Rose Tour, showcasing the best attractions and communities right across Ireland; before arriving in Tralee for five fun-filled days of parades, gala functions, community events, entertainment, the televised Rose Selection nights and much more.

 The 2024 Rose of Tralee International Festival will take place from August 18th – 22nd. If you think you’d like to take part and become a Rose or Rose Escort, simply visit for more information on how to start your own Rose journey.



About the Rose of Tralee International Festival

The Rose of Tralee International Festival is a celebration of Irish culture and heritage, connecting the global Irish community. The Festival is supported by over 70 Rose Centres globally in Ireland, the UK, Europe, Middle East, North America, Australia and Nfew Zealand; with centres selecting a Rose bi-annually, such that 32 Roses enjoy everything that the Festival has to offer each year.

The five-day festival culminates in the selection of the International Rose of Tralee, a year-long ambassador role for the woman who will represent Ireland and the Festival, both locally and around the world. Ireland’s flagship family festival, the Rose of Tralee Festival plays host to five days and nights of parades, gala functions, community events, entertainment, televised Rose Selection nights and much more. The 2024 Rose of Tralee International Festival will take place from August 16th – 20th.

Benetti Menswear Rose Escorts

Benetti Menswear is the official title sponsor for this year’s Rose Escorts and over the coming months will be working closely with all 32 Rose Escorts as we look to announce the ‘Benetti Menswear Rose Escort of the year for 2024’, live on RTÉ television on Monday, August 19th.

Candidates will be invited for interview in April, with the successful gentlemen taking part in the famous team-building Boot Camp in June where they will enjoy some of Kerry’s most stunning locations and attractions. The Benetti Menswear Rose Escorts will then play an integral role in the Rose of Tralee International Festival in August supporting not only the Roses, but the wider Festival Team. Some of the highlights will include the Gala Rose Ball, Festival Parades and a week packed full of entertainment. One of the 32 Rose Escorts will also be announced as the Rose Escort of the Year live on RTÉ television by Daithí Ó Sé and Kathryn Thomas.

Photoshoot make-up by Catherine Coventry MUA

Photo location: The Jeanie Johnston 

The Jeanie Johnston is one of Ireland’s most famous reminders of their culture of emigration and ferried thousands of Irishmen and women to and from the New World in search of a better life. She was built at Blennerville, Co. Kerry, in a specially constructed shipyard next to Blennerville Windmill in Tralee.

The Rose of Tralee International Festival is proudly supported by Fáilte Ireland.

“Fáilte Ireland is pleased to support this year’s Rose of Tralee International Festival. Festivals and events present an excellent opportunity to showcase the rich heritage and unique culture that Ireland has to offer. They are also important drivers of tourism revenue across the country, particularly in areas that are outside of the traditional tourism hotspots. Developing unique and immersive visitor experiences like Rose of Tralee International Festival play a key role in motivating both international and domestic visitors to choose a destination, while helping drive the sustainable development of the tourism sector for the county and the wider region.” – Ciara Sugrue, Head of Festivals & Events, Failte Ireland

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